Azure Developer Community Day 2022

December 13, Microsoft Germany, München

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Philip Welz

Senior Kubernetes & DevOps Engineer @ white duck

Philip Welz

Philip Welz is a GitLab Hero and works as Senior Kubernetes & DevOps Engineer. At white duck, Philip accompanies customers along their Cloud Native Journey on Azure and help them sail Kubernetes into calm waters.

His primary focus is on topics around Kubernetes, GitOps, Infrastructure as Code, DevOps, and Cloud.


YAMLize your infrastructure with the Azure Service Operator and GitOps @ 16:30

Join this talk to learn about Azure Service Operator v2. In the first part, we will introduce Azure technologies like Azure Service Operator v2, Azure Workload Identity, and GitOps for Azure Kubernetes Service. We will explain how they are linked together to provision Azure resources from Kubernetes. In the second part, we will then show step-by-step how to deploy an application to Kubernetes together with the needed Azure resources only using Git. So don't miss joining us!