Azure Developer Community Day 2022

13. Dezember, Microsoft Deutschland, München

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Torsten Stiller

Torsten Stiller

Microsoft, Cloud Solution Architect, Azure App Dev

Torsten studied Media Informatics in Berlin with a focus on Computer Graphics. He started his career as a working student at Siemens. After completing university, he was working at Mental Images, a company which back then was just acquired by Nvidia and famous for its rendering software MentalRay and Iray. After a couple of years as a software developer he switched to a newly formed team for which he designed and implemented major parts of Nvidia’s game streaming platform Geforce Now.

In 2016 he started at AUDI AG where he was helping to build the Audi Cloud Services, a central cloud governance and consultation unit.

After 2 years he switched his role to Technical Lead – Cloud Platform Team for one of the most ambitious data analytics projects within the Volkswagen Group, the Automotive Cloud Data Collector at Audi Electronics Venture. In that project he was in charge for applying modern software development principles in the field of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering.

Since early 2019 he is working for Microsoft as Cloud Solution Architect in the automotive space. His focus area are cloud native topics around AKS, Azure Functions, Azure DevOps and IaC


Sustainable Software Engineering Patterns @ 11:00

Sustainable Software Engineering (SSE) is an emerging discipline within the field of Software Engineering. This session specifically focuses on patterns and principles around building software that is designed to use less emissions. We have established a layered approach and walk you through each of those layers or design areas. We are also taking a look on how to measure impact and give you an outlook on what Microsoft is doing as an enabler for software developers in terms of sustainability.